ETCD logs say "database space exceeded"


Anka VMs error or disappear and you see in the Controller logs E1108 23:09:28.804391 1 queue_server.go:184] Server Internal error: etcdserver: mvcc: database space exceeded.. There was plenty of available space on disk. Running etcdctl compact $(ETCDCTL_API=3 etcdctl --endpoints=:2379 endpoint status --write-out="json" | egrep -o '"revision":[0-9]*' | egrep -o '[0-9].*') (INSIDE OF THE ETCD CONTAINER), etcdctl debug --command-timeout=20s, followed by etcdctl alarm disarm fixes it, but you’d like to prevent this in the future.

Common Causes

  1. Lots of VMS, Nodes, and tasks


Increase the space quota from the default 2GB:

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